Hey everyone,

We launched a brand new Patagonia.com in the past week. In a few words, the new site provides our customers with a really beautiful, streamlined experience on any device – getting people closer to the sports they love and giving a more transparent look at the factories where their gear is made. Below, I’ve described a few more key features – definitely let me know if you’re interested in more information. Best thing to do is just give it a rip!

In conjunction with the new site, we've also launched a PR blog! This is an easy and informal place for us to share content with journalists and editors – the source for Patagonia press releases and other news, videos and photos, company and product updates from Jess and myself, lookbooks, social content and other tidbits we think you might find interesting. I recommend you bookmark the site or subscribe to the blog feed and plan to see even more from us moving forward.

Back to the main site – here are some very cool features about the new Patagonia.com:

  • The site features fully adaptive design – enabled for any device. It’s a clean experience, easy to navigate and consistent in 50+ countries around the globe as well as five languages and currencies.
  • For the first time, Footprint Chronicles supplier info is incorporated directly into each product page, allowing customers to immediately learn about the factories where their clothing was made.
  • We’ve emphasized big, beautiful photographs of our products – both in detail and in use around the world – amid a simple, minimalist layout. We’re using Avenir typefaces throughout the site.
  • 100s of pages include videos featuring the people behind our products talking about what went into it and what they can expect to get out of it.
  • The site maintains a 50/50 split between shopping and Patagonia history, philosophy, environmental activism and corporate initiatives. But we’re blurring those lines even further, using our products to talk about our commitment to environmental and social responsibility and why we go to such great lengths.
  • On the backend, we’re making it easier for customers to get what they want – for instance, if they order something online and it’s out of stock in Reno, we’ll ship it from a retail store seamlessly without any need for notification.

The site was developed by a big, incredible team led by Dmitri Siegel, our global executive creative director and VP for global e-commerce. They’ve got a lot more to come, but we’re excited to see it perform in the coming weeks – and to keep in touch with you using our the new PR blog.



Adam Fetcher

Director of Global PR & Communications

Patagonia, Inc. | (805) 667-4622