We Need to Support Our Families 

By Rose Marcario, Patagonia CEO

We know from experience that doing the right thing by employees is a necessary element of doing business. I endorse the Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act (FAMILY Act) because workers in the United States should be able to take the time they need when serious family or medical needs arise – no matter where they live or where they work.

To support our families, Patagonia provides company-paid health care and sick time for all employees, paid maternity and paternity leave, access to on-site childcare for many employees, and financial support to those who do not have access, among other benefits.

Our employees lives as parents are not fragmented from their work, they help each other during hard times, during illnesses (of either children or parents) and this creates an even greater bond among our workforce and in turn creates more inspired teams who can reach for what seem like impossible goals. 

The economic returns are tangible. Employee turnover costs companies up to 150 percent of the base salary of the person exiting. An astonishing 43 percent of highly educated women with children leave careers or take extended time away from work after having kids. At Patagonia, nearly all employees return to work after a standard parental leave.

America must remain competitive with other industrialized countries in caring for our families. Unfortunately, too many workplaces do not offer paid family and medical leave or even paid sick time to the hardworking families that fuel our economy.

Benefits like maternity and paternity leave to working families or paid leave for serious medical needs are simply common sense.

Let’s pass the FAMILY Act and ensure we take care of millions of people each year.


Rose Marcario is the President and CEO of Patagonia.


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