“Our climate crisis is here and now, and we need global, urgent and transformative actions to address what is increasingly destructive and deadly.  Today, the Trump Administration continues its assault on the health of our communities by repealing the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. This unlawful action must not stand, and Patagonia will continue to fight alongside those who defend our planet, and who demand just and equitable solutions to the climate crisis.  We will confront climate deniers – they have no place in our government – and we will continue to advocate for immediate and dramatic increases in clean renewable energy, the conservation of our public lands and waters, and the unlocking of the organic agricultural sector’s potential to help solve our climate crisis. The reckless efforts to rollback climate protections through regulatory giveaways to fossil fuel companies must end – our community, business and planet depend on it.” – Rose Marcario, President and CEO, Patagonia